This blog – Mary and Bob’s Journal – has been retired. All of the content here, plus new work, can be found at my new site: Writing Ruth.


I’m Ruth. Thank you for stopping by.

Mary and Bob’s Journal was my ongoing account of striving to practice a full, present, and compassionate existence.

Started in 2007 out of a love of writing, named after my grandparents’ diaries, the site hosted my ever-developing personal essays.

My work since early 2011 has been driven by my grief after the loss of a close friend. His untimely death has deepened and increased my urgency over the big questions like, what should I do with my “one wild and precious life”?

What are you doing with yours? I would love to hear.

Contact: writingruth at gmail dot com.


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§ 5 Responses to About

  • Diane Hudson says:

    Mom sent me your blog, and if ol’ Diane can say so, you are so gifted honey keep the pen moving your too good to stop.

    Thanks, Aunt Diane. You sure do know how to make a gal feel good.
    I hope you’re doing well. Stay warm this winter. :)

  • iamsamiam says:

    Ruth, Thank-you so much for your encouragement – this blog being one form! It’s great to gain some insight on what it’s like to participate in a marathon. I’m really excited at the opportunity to raise money/awareness for blood cancers, but also to build some muscle and confidence. Thank-you for your participation! The LLS was a huge help to our family while I underwent tx for NHL last year.

    In wellness, Samantha

  • Shellee says:

    Hi Ruth, I, too, write to a woman in the DR Congo. Women for Women International is a wonderful organization. I found you on Thirty Voices and though I know that they have come to an end, I believe in what they set out to do. My partner, Laurie and I hope to bring women together in a similiar way and thought you might be interested. Please check out our website. We would love to hear your viewpoints or learn practical information from you. Blog on!


    Thanks so much, Shellee! I look forward to checking out your site.
    Best, Ruth

  • Shellee says:

    One more thing. i loved your pic of Yosemite. It is truly a beautiful place. Shellee

  • Mindy says:


    This blog is, by far, one of the most wonderful blogs that I have ever read. (I follow close to 100 blogs.) I am in shock. I love your story. I read about your grandparents. I can’t wait to continue to follow you through your writing.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Gosh – I can see why Sam loves you so much! Besides being a great aunt – you are a very cool person indeed!

    Mindy, your generosity in words has left me nearly speechless. Thanks for the boost . . . hoping to be more disciplined with my writing.

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